Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This beat-up, but obviously very beautiful moth when not in this slightly ragged condition appeared on my hide this morning (as in the changed time of this post). I think it possibly got blown in overnight as its certainly not a common moth - in fact it almost became extinct in the UK a few years ago, existing in a few colonies in allotments in Kent and Essex only!

The kind people at the WAB site identified it for me, and told me also its extended its range over the last few years.
I'm not certain why its called the Small Ranunculus though. Biologists will know Ranunculus is the Latin name for the Buttercup plant family - (as my eldest Sister remembered well, texting me that from Barcelona, where she's about to go and see the Stones play - (I'm not jealous.... much))!
Maybe this moth is partial to the Buttercup family then?
Ranunculus ALSO means "Little Frog"....?!!

It can now been found pretty well anywhere over the south of England, though not in any great numbers at all - a nice moth to visit the garden!

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