Friday, June 22, 2007


As with most moths - describe how they look, and you will invariably get their name. This species looks very like many others though - a medium-sized sleek brown moth with very delicate brown markings and "kidney-shaped blobs" on its wings - with paler underwings (with a dark crescent on each).

How do you get a name from that lot?

Well, in this case, its the underwing that is different - so this moth becomes the "Lesser Yellow Underwing".
This (2.5cm moth), once again isn't rare, and is one of the group of moths that can upset squeamish people in (for example) open,lit public-lavatories. These moths, unlike the Brimstone Moth (see earlier post) for example, fly hard and fly fast, in good old-fashioned straight lines. They're like little fighter planes zooming around!

We also saw another species of Moth well after dark, but it didn't settle, so we didn't get a close look at it, or a photo. I have a feeling it was a "Swallowtail Moth" though, which once again, are not rare, I've seen them before, and behave just like our mystery moth, (large pale fluttery moth - a bit 'ghostly'). We may never know what it was, but I think it'll be back...

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