Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everyone has heard of the Dronefly.

Well... here's what it looks like...

Common in gardens, hovering like a hoverfly, it is so named because of its excellent mimicry of the drone HoneyBee, with the ginger "fur" on its thorax.
Its a large fly which breeds often in stagnant water, especially in holes in trees.

A lady rang me a few weeks ago in great distress, telling me that she'd got Dronefly larvae breeding in her lavatory bowl.
Dronefly larvae look like "rats-tails" in water, she'd read up on it (using the internet) and come to that conclusion.

Well. Its possible I suppose, but more likely that her cistern had been wrongly connected to the "hot water tank" in the attic (instead of the normal mains) when the house was built, and a bird or something had died up there, flies had started breeding and thats what was causing the fly larvae in her lavatory bowl. (More common than you might have thought).

Anyway, the Dronefly above was NOT in our lavatory, but on..... the...... Potato plants!

We'll dig up the tatties in a few weeks or so, and then our garden will become a bleedin' barren desert!


Anonymous said...

Too many creepy crawlies! And a dead nuthatch and a dead fox. Oh dear, next time I visit I would like to see a pixellated penguin or at least a tabby kitten. I am not a scientist.I have passed on your blog address to "The Godfather" and your female otter cousin.

The Black Rabbit said...

Pixellated penguin eh?
That'll be my ma then!