Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As I thnk I mentioned on my FIRST photo of a Digger Wasp species posted on "Blue-Grey", what with there being over 100 species of these in the UK, most looking remarkably similar, I just cannot tell you what species this is. Its Scientific name will not have an English version though , so let's just call it a Digger Wasp and be done with it.

(Though I will post it on the WAB site also, and see if any "wasp-head can identify it).

This individual had its mugshot taken by me on the, guess what? The Potato plants again.
NB. The photos above make this wasp appear to be massive. Its not the case - this wasp is significantly smaller than the Common (and German) Wasps we waft away from or pic-a-nics. The photos are just that damn good, thats all!

Ok.Ok. A bloke called Greg has just gone onto the WAB site and identified my Digger Wasp straight away. Its Cerceris rybyensis - the "Ornate-Tailed Digger Wasp", and as it's named after its tail... here's another shot of it. From behind.

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