Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday I noticed our Bullfinches return to the feeder again - only I thought the male's facial markings looked somehow different.
I was soon proved right. ANOTHER MALE soon flew in and made a nuisance of himself around the feeder, disturbing the 'couple'. But for 5 minutes or so, I watched the amazing sight of THREE Bullfinches - 2 bright adult males and 1 female, at (or around the feeder).
I've never seen this before. Very often one will see a pair of Bullfinches in the field - softly calling to each other - in fact that is almost always how I've seen them. I've not seen 3 together, ever, until now.
I was going to make a 3rd Bullfinch post, or add to the second, but thought this presented the ideal opportunity to let "Blue-Grey" readers know what I've been doing pretty well constantly to the blog anyway.

Very often, if I have more to add on a particular post, Bullfinches for example, I'll re-visit the post and edit an NB note in another colour (either BLUE or GREY of course!) with the revised date. This won't apply in all circumstances - if I feel a second sighting is so good or interesting, I'll give it a new post of its own (see Peregrine (2) for an example), but I will revisit many posts and edit them, from time to time.
Just so you know...

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