Friday, June 22, 2007


A recent change to "Blue-Grey".
My labels were becoming very full, very quickly over the last month or so- I've therefore changed the classification of labels on th blog.

INSECTS, MAMMALS and AMPHIBIANS will now be segregated down into SCIENTIFIC ORDER (English - not Latin).
BIRDS are now segregated down into SCIENTIFIC FAMILY (again, in English).

There will be many anomalies over time I'm sure. For example, the Long-Tailed Tit is NOT part of the Tit FAMILY, and the Barn Owl is NOT part of the Owl family.
These will become apparent as more things are posted I'm sure...


electrichalibut said...

Check out the genuinely exciting (well, genuine, anyway) photo of a Golden Oriole in my Provencal photo gallery. I'm expecting to win some sort of photography award for that one. See if you can identify the interesting butterfly and beetle elsewhere in the gallery as well.

Other exciting birds spotted - lots of hoopoes, but they wouldn't come close or sit still enough to be photographed, and swifts by the miwwion.

electrichalibut said...

And re. your comment about resisting commenting on the repeated use of the words "cok" and "chafer" - I have resisted. The phrase "big pussy blisters" in your Giant Hogweed post pushed me over the edge, though.

electrichalibut said...

Or even "cock". You know what I mean.