Thursday, June 21, 2007


Anna and I have noticed that as the large Lime Trees to the rear of the Manor (heh heh), just past the 6'meadow, or the "Lower Paddock" as I think I'll start calling it now (ho ho), blossom - (in fact they are quite literally dripping with their 'fruit' at present), so the Chafers can be seen bumping around the top branches at dusk, in their very characteristic way.

A few nights ago the Summer Chafer, and now the CockChafer - which I've just found in the sitting room.

The Cockchafer is almost double the size of the Summer Chafer (see other post), with a grey (not brown) less hairy pronotum (front bit behind the face).

They are also the only of our Chafers to have a pointed abdomen - and that's the reason I include my second (poor quality) photo - to show the pointed abdomen of the CockChafer - very distinctive.

The pavements are littered with dying Chafers every morning at the moment - they're on a mating mission methinks...

(message to my old pal Dave. In the last few posts I've mentioned the terms Cockchafer, mating AND orgy. Comment ideas must be boiling over in your head?! Now, you're better than that aren't you? Resist.... RESIST!!!)

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