Saturday, June 23, 2007


Maybe I should add another label to "Blue-Grey"? Dead animals?!

This is REALLY sad. Much more sad than the dead fox I think, or the dead sheep.

I've just popped out of the office for a 5 minute stroll along the Thames, and saw a really sad sight in the EA courtyard at the bottom of 6 stories of tinted (blue mirrored) EA windows.

Iarrived for my shift at 06:45am this morning and went for a break(?) at 10:45am.

In those four hours, a little adult Nuthatch has obviously flown into the mirrored windows, broken its neck, and fallen to the courtyard below - dead as you like.

The last time I saw one of these was a few years ago, though we heard them in the Shropshire countryside when we last visited Anna's parents. I remember them well in the garden, growing up in south Bucks.

Wonderful, unique little birds, with a blue-grey back and pale peach coloured front, a dagger bill and a black eye-stripe - only about Great Tit size, and really, really sad to have one die like that right outside my office...

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