Wednesday, September 12, 2007


On 22nd May this year, just as the weather had turned into a soggy mess (for the next 3 months, but we didn't know that at the time), I found and photographed a Weevil that I never really managed to identify to species level. That post can be found here.

This morning I've found another, on the same wall (the exterior kitchen wall), although Anna and I did see it in the gloom last night also.

This is most definitely a Vine Weevil. I still think there are key anatomical differences between today's Weevil and the one I found in May. Today's Vine Weevil is a large species that is a real pest to gardeners nationwide. The adults (like this one) eats shoots and leaves (no panda jokes here please) but it is the larvae that cause the most damage by destroying roots of garden plants and vegetables.

There are MANY different species -just " Vine Weevil" will suffice here I think, and you can be sure that I removed it from the wall and flung it over the back fence. It'll be back, I'm sure!

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