Monday, September 10, 2007


Taken this morning, from t' garden.

As weather lore would have it -

"Mackerel sky, mackerel sky, never long wet, never long dry".

I won't bore you with the exact meteorological details, save to say Mackerel sky is, in fact, an unstable "Altocumulus" layer of cloud.
I happen to think the Mackerel is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea - to look at obviously, and then to eat!

After a good few days (a week or more now?) of fine, warm, dry weather, is it possible the weather is on the turn? Will we get a drop of rain in the next few days? NO! Not if the BBC weather forecast I've just watched is accurate! It should remain dry here for most of this week, if not all!
The Cloud formation here this morning, is the remnants of the cloud that produced much rain in Scotland yetsterday and has simply moved south overnight.

Well, its an interesting sky to look at, anyway...

NB. If you are viewing "Blue-Grey" on a LAPTOP (rather than a PC), I suggest you lean your screen back a few degrees (to maybe as much as 140 degrees!) whilst looking at the photo above - it should help you appreciate the contrasts in the sky this morning.
If you are viewing on a PC, get down on the floor (or something) and look again at the photo. That should er... ahem... help.

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