Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Not MORE Harlequin-related posts?!
I'm afraid so.

You might remember this....

taken over 6 days ago now.

Well, that particular Harlequin has hardly moved since. I had a sneaky feeling something like this was about to happen...

The Larva after 6 days of sitting on our kitchen wall, is now forming its pupa. It will very soon (if everything goes to plan) eclose, (hatch) and fly away.
Should I crush it betwixt thumb and forefinger, it is a pest after all?
I don't think so.
Watch this space...

NB. A day later (19/09/07), and the pupa has turned its normal black colour and really hardened up. Looky here -

NB. 17 days later (today) , this Harlequin underwent "eclosure". (Hatching).

It was a glorious day today, the week's weather looks very settled at present. (Pity I'm on nights I suppose - I'm in bed most of the day!). Anna noticed this Harlequin had left its pupal shell today, in the warm weather, 16 days after it formed its pupa, and 23 after it chose a spot on the wall to undergo its tranformation.

NB. There are still Harlequins all over the garden - pupae, some larvae and adults. I saw a "target"** coloured Harlequin in the Lower Paddock for the first time today, but didn't manage to get a shot. I will try again if I see it again. ** Harlequins are quite variable in their markings - this one is basically black with 2 red and black RAF Bullseyes on its elytra. You'll see what I mean when I grab a shot and make a new post, with any luck...

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