Saturday, September 08, 2007


On Monday August 20th, I was pleased to announce that a pair of Goldfinches had returned to their feeder at the bottom of the garden - I hadn't seen them for 3 weeks before that (although, to be fair, we had been in Kephalonia for two of those weeks, watching the Goldfinches out there).
Well, they did return, and I think I've seen them (only) once since, but not for two weeks or so now.
This, as the fat, permed, googly-eyed Tom Jones might say, is not unusual.
In common with many feeders and bird tables nationwide (and menioned on the WAB site recently, again), our feeder has temporarily been left by the finches, as the autumn brings them a veritable bounty of naturally occurring, wild seeds and fruits.
Why have farmed salmon when one can have wild?
They'll be back.
In numbers I expect, as their wild food sources are depleted...
Watch this space.

NB. 9/9/07: (8am). There is evidence of a lot of feeding activity at the feeder this morning. The level of seeds has decreased by an inch or so. I think the Goldfinches returned - whilst I was watching the Rugby World Cup, sorry, taking phone calls, at work, yesterday afternoon.

NB. 24/9/07. Still no activity at the feeder. The "evidence" above (on the 9th September) was merely Anna upturning the feeder, trying to mix the NIger seeds and the Sunflower Hearts to give the absent finches more choice.
I'm not convinced they've been back more than once since we went to Kephalonia, and that was 6 or 7 weeks ago....
Come on my beauties!
Come back!

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