Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Nothing particularly special about this. Maybe "Blue-Grey" has fully evolved from a site on which I post about things that interest me, to a comprehensive (getting there anyway) blog on UK wildlife identification and sitings. I might have to re-think the whole point of the blog...


This is the Bluebottle fly. Latin name of Caliphora vomitoria! (From its habit of throwing up on foodstuffs to soften it up ready for eating).
Unlike the Greenbottle see earlier post), this WILL (and likes to) get inside your house and feed on any meats etc... it can find. Bluebottles are very common in the summer months, but do appear in the winter, and can often be found warming themselves on tree trunks in the winter sunshine.

It was noticeably colder last night than its been for some months - this fly was doing just that - warming itself on the back gate.

Bluer than the Flesh fly (without the checkerboard markings on its thorax), bluer than the Greenbottle though often less metallic, hairier and less striking silver jowels.

I caught one in the kitchen t'other day, trying to infiltrate a couple of nice pieces of Haddock I had de-frosting under a tea towel.

Get your thieving snout out!

That's your Bluebottle.

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