Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our Cross (or Garden or Diadem) Spider has taken to sitting on a leaf, out of her beautiful orb web, in wait for an aphid or midge to become entrapped therein. So I thought I'd take one last shot of her, showing her beautiful cross, markings and spined legs so well.

This is relatively unusual for a Cross Spider. They are normally found sitting right in the middle of their orb webs. Our spider is behaving more like a Walnut Spider in a way. Hiding and ambushing its prey once it feels the vibrations on its silk of the struggling insect...

The insect larvae (moth caterpillars? sawfly larvae? - I still don't know) have all taken up residence on the underside of the Red Clover leaf, (on which they were born), to shelter from the warm sun. I hope they don't move much further, so I can watch them grow bigger and positively identify them.

We've also noted that now, there are two NEW Maris Piper potato plants growing in amongst the other wild plants in the Paddock.
I let the main potato plants flower and seed before I dug 'em up, but I thought I'd got rid of all the seed pods. Not so, obviously.
The strange thing about our "Paddock Maris Piper plants" is that they are both exhibiting completely yellow flowers (usually the case for these vegetables). Our original plants however, all had purple and yellow flowers?!
Must be something to do with genetics I guess.
Pity Mendel isn't still around, or I'd give him a bell and ask him what the hell is going on...




NB. 17/09/07. After the blustery winds of yesterday (sunday), our Diadem spider in the paddock spent last night rebuilding her very damaged web.

This morning I've seen she's been rewarded with a fantastic breakfast of Daddy-Long-Legs. Good work!

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