Thursday, September 06, 2007


Its obviously a 'bug time of year'.

A large Bug of some description caught my attention 20' away whilst I was on the phone to someone at the office a few minutes ago.

After the phonecall ended, I turned up the volume of the tv again to get the full majesty of Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma at Central Park (the BBC are doing a tribute programme tonight, as the big boy died today); I walked to the window (5th floor) and saw that a nice, large, adult Forest Bug was caught in a spiders web on the outside of the office window.

You'll have to take my word for it regarding how I know it was a Forest Bug - oh go on... , if you see a large Bug (shield bug shape), coloured bottle green, with very pronounced stripes (yellow and bottle green) on the anterior margins of its shield, an overhanging wing point (ie not covered by the shell, and the bug looks like it is carrying an old yoke, then you are looking at a Forest Bug. (My favourite bug of all, I think).

Click HERE to return to my original post on a Forest Bug (nymph) to see what I mean about the coloured stripes at the margins of the Forest Bug's shield... (made on May 29th 2007)

The Forest Bug struggled a little, which drew the attention of a small Bridge Spider. This raced down a strand of silk and raced back up again! The prey was bigger than it AND effectively covered in armour plating AND would taste foul!

All this movement drew the attention of a much larger Bridge Spider, which at least tried to have a go at the Bug. It didn't last long though, the large spider soon gave up and retreated to its hidey hole, whereas the Forest Bug, well that, after a little more frantic struggling, dropped away from the web, and probably flew well, well away...!

(Not much going on phone-wise tonight, you'll correctly assume...!)

Apologies for the poor quality photos - taken from inside (t'other side of thick, smoked glass from the Bug), at dusk!

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