Saturday, September 15, 2007


The more astute amongst you might have noticed that there have been some changes recently over at "Blue-Grey Towers".

I have recently put a web counter on the blog, to see how many individual visitors "Blue-Grey" gets, and where on this fine, fine, blue planet of ours these grey people come from.
It has been running for 2 days now, and already (since I last looked anyway), "Blue-Grey" has had over 40 visits from all over the world.

All over the world? Yes. Unbelievable eh?!
I guess when you stop to think about it for more than a second, it's not really that surprising. Our planet is pretty small really - the internet has a good chunk of it tied up. I've had visits from Chicago (of course), Norway, Nova Scotia, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Trinidad and Tobago, Saskatchewan and Darwin, in the northern territories of Australia. Not to mention all over the UK.

The second big change is the video clips found on the title page, to be watched in a slump of almost terminal boredom I expect. Because primarily "Blue-Grey" is a diary, and a wildlife diary in the main, if not a general visual diary, I'm not too sure how this will go down with regular "Blue-Grey" visitors.

That is why I've popped a poll up beneath the videos. Do, please take part in the poll (no multiple entries though please). If the majority opinion is in favour of keeping the videos, then they'll stay.
I should tell you that they'll vary from week to week (mainly between wildlife videos and my favourite comedians I suppose - I haven't really thought much further than that just yet)... and I may... I may just give you a choice of an upcoming selection, (in a future poll).

You know. What 4 clips do YOU want to see on next week's video selection. Pick one:

a) Stoats and Weasels
b) Birds of Prey
c) African game animals
d) Exotic fish
e) Les Dawson clips at his piano.

You'll see the first topic of video I selected was just 4 little sketches from one of my favourite comedians, Bill Bailey.

If, however, I get a big thumbs down from the poll, the videos will disappear. It would be Coytuns for the videos. Poymanently.

So. There you have it. You have no choice with me spying on you, all over the world, but you DO with the videos. Vote to keep them. Vote to lose them.


Anonymous said...

Doog - I'd like Stoats and Weasels and also African game mammals, but I really liked the Bill Bailey clips cause he is very funny, innitz. So comedy also would be fab and Les Dawson is a good choice as is Stephen Fry/ Hugh Lawrie. Er Mrs Popey? No insects. No spiders. Maybe some fluffy bunny wabbits?

The Black Rabbit said...

"A bit of...." were the clips that I originally tested. The only reason I changed them for Bill Bailey clips is that 2 of the 4 "A bit of...." clips seemed to be exactly the same. ("Tonight we're talking about language").
I don't get to choose ALL four you see, (m' colleague).

Other comedians I would consider are: Stephen Fry (again), Les Dawson (as mentioned), Ardal O' Hanlon (stand up) and or "Father Ted", Billy Connolly (Schmave's favourite (NOT)), Lee Evans, Peter Sellars (in "Party" and "Pink Panther" films), Pete and Dud (although some Derek and Clive clips might be a bit risky I suppose). I'm sure I can come up with some more if I think hard enough.

Wildlife clips - well the choice is limitless, though obviously mustelids (otters, pine martens, weasels, stoats and badgers of course) and black rabbits might get preferential treatment...

I'll probably do a poll every week, IF the original poll gives the videos a thumbs up...

We'll see, eh?

Anonymous said...

all excellent! but NO SPIDERS, right????!!!

electrichalibut said...

I want to see weasels going at it like crazed weasels. Failing that, how about some nice Hi-De-Hi clips with that nice Ruth Madoc?

The Black Rabbit said...

I thought YOU might like some "Big Yin" bate....

The Black Rabbit said...

I'm thinking of ONLY posting wildlife videos on the title page of Blue-Grey now. Far more in keeping with the theme of the blog I feel...

So the first (proper) has been uploaded.

electrichalibut said...

'Cos a weasel is weaselly recognisable, and a stoat is stoatally different, hahaha. Well, it's funnier than Billy Connolly anyway.