Sunday, September 16, 2007


I found a VERY noisy Hedgehog last night. Only 40 yards or so from the exact location where THIS was found, on July 25th this year, before the floods and before we went to Kephalonia.
Maybe its the same individual?

I heard the little hog in the dark last night and went over to investigate. When I found him (her?) I whipped out my phone and attempted to take its photo. Unfortunately, my phone's camera settings were on landscape, no flash and infinite focus - NOT what I wanted.
As I struggled to get the settings right, the little blighter raised itself up on its stubby little pink legs and shot aross the concrete where I found it, right over my feet, and into a thick bush, where it continued to snuffle around noisily, out f the way of the strange giant with his one neon-glowing hand. (Thats my phone by the way. I haven't got a strange neon-glowing hand- though... thinking about it... I'd like one)!

I've heard and or seen this noisy little speedster for the past 2 nights now. I want its photo. I know where it lives....

Watch this space.

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