Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well now. My wonderful Swifts left middle England when I was in Greece, but we've had House Martins and Swallows until recently.
Maybe not now though.
I don't think I've seen them for a day or two, but as I have a (rare) day orf today, I'd like to wander down to the river, in this great weather, to see if any are about.

Four years ago (if I remember correctly) when I was baking for a living (there was a role to fill, and I did knead the dough.... (sorry)), I took the very last week in September as holiday and packed my rucksack and a tent and took the "Tarka-Line" to north Devon, for a bit of "me time" by the sea.
All the Swallows, Martins and Swifts had left south Buckinghamshire (where I was living at the time) by then, but I clearly remember dreaming about them, the night before I set off to Devon.
Of course, as soon as I got to a campsite on the north Devon coast, I was overjoyed to see many Swallows and Martins STILL in the UK, in the southwest. My dream had come true!
The weather was incredible that week - 28/82 all week, and I don't think I saw a single cloud.
I did see some wonderful things during my sojourn at Woolacombe, four years ago (although I have been many times) - Grey Seals, Gannets, Ravens and a few Peregrines, but I most enjoyed seeing the late Swallows that time at least, fattening up furiously, before their long voyage to Africa.

I'm sure the Swallows and Martins will be in Devon now (and other counties in the south of the UK), but I think they've left me here!
I'll let you know of course, if I see any on my meanderings around the river today...

Right you are.
Just got back (after a couple of hours).
I saw one House Martin. So they ARE still around.
There may have been more I suppose, but I'm cooking tea tonight, so I spent a lot of the time on my walk, wandering down the aisles in a supermarket, "umming and arring".
Not many House Martins in there....

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