Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The 'lower paddock' in the garden has been flourishing of late, and seems to be swamped with nirogen-fixing Red Clover at present (I'm pretty sure the wild flower seeds I sprinkled on the bare earth in march contained clover seeds).

Red Clover has a latin name of Trifolium pratense - pratense literally means "found in meadows".

It is commonly grown as fodder material, is used sometimes to treat menopausal symptoms, and is the national flower of Denmark. In case you didn't know.

We have a family of Dock leaf Bugs who seem to enjoy sitting on the Clover at the moment (see my earlier post to see what a Dock Leaf Bug looks like), and I watched two nice-sized Garden Cross Spiders construct two new orb-webs from 2 Red Clover plants before I left for work this afternoon.

We also have a few hundred (as yet) unidentified Moth or Butterfly eggs freshly laid on a Red Clover leaf only yesterday - see above post.

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