Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I found these little beauties this afternoon, whilst watching a Garden Cross Spider construct her orb web in 'The Lower Paddock'.

I think they are hundreds of Moth eggs. Possibly butterfly eggs though I suppose. Deposited on this leaf yesterday, I think.

Now then, do I rear them inside - or do I leave them where they are and see what happens naturally?

The latter, I think.

I'll let you know what happens, of course.

NB. 11/09/07 Well. The eggs, last night sometime I assume, became larvae - pictured below. I still don't know what they are - some kind of fly or micro-moth? I hope someone on the WAB site manages to identify them for me, for I fear they will crawl away quick sharp and I will never know what the turn into. (This happened to a fellow member of WAB, who has her own wildlife site which I'll try and put a link to on "Blue-Grey", when I get some time...)

NB. 13/09/07 - Bad news I think. I was expecting these little larvae to move away from their "birth leaf" pretty quickly, which I'm sure some did, after munching some of the Red Clover Leaf. This afternoon, however, I couldn't see any of the wee beasties - but I DID see a fat Harlequin Ladybird larva sitting on the same Clover leaf. Did it tuck into the little larvae? My guess is... I think so. A shame.

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Miss AJ said...

I found your photo when I googled moth eggs. I have just seen grass leaves covered in very similar eggs. I also found some holes in the ground which had recently been vacated by something that grows in a chrysalis. Is it a coincidence do you think?