Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Anna came down to the river tonight, to see how high it was, before I started work at 10pm.
As we walked to my office, I heard a rustling noise in a 3' high bush next to a footpath.
Upon closer inspection, it became obvious that a Hedgehog was the source of the noise.

Hedgehogs are very noisy little creatures indeed, generally, stumbling around flower beds and litter piles at night, crashing around and snuffling noisily.
Stop by a hedge at night if you hear that sort of racket, and odds on, if you look, you'll see a Hedgehog.
I do like the fact that if disturbed, they'll raise up their body on their little legs, (like one of those old citroens, remember?) and scamper away from trouble, quite fast for such little legs!

What was this Hedgehog doing 2 or 3' up a bush? I've got no idea.
Perhaps it knows a flood is coming?!

I would say it was raiding a low birds nest, but its too late in the year for that.
It is feasible I suppose, that it sleeps the day away in this spot, out of harms way in a thick bush, (hedge, really), easy to climb to, and not that high. It did seem to be surrounded by a nest of dry leaves...

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