Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well that was a turn-up for the books!
I've got to admit, when I put the feeder up, I never intended to attract Dragonflies with it -let alone Emperor Dragonflies, that generally stick around water!
Absolutely wonderful!
It's yet another example of what we WILL see, if we look, keep looking, look properly and then question what we are actually seeing.
I was sitting in spare bedroom, uploading the photos of the Blue-Tailed Damselfly, when I glanced a few times out of the window, in the direction of the bird feeder right at the bottom of the garden. The more and more I looked, the less right it looked. Then it hit me, and I pegged it downstairs, mobile phone in hand.
To be fair, the Emperor was very patient with the giant 'sneaking' up on it, and I took a dozen or so photos.
No sooner had I gone back inside to upload them, the Dragonfly was chased off its perch by our resident Goldfinches.
I'm chuffed to bits with our new visitor!
My Uncle Ruary would be proud!

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