Tuesday, July 17, 2007


"Use your eyes"?! The header of "Blue-Grey".
This is what I mean!
I took a train from Reading to Ealing Broadway today, to visit my sisters, brother in law (of sorts) and nephew.
At 10am I saw a Peregrine sitting on the building opposite the railway station - admittedly very high up.
When I returned at 8pm, it was still there (although on a different strut).
I guarantee you that probably none of the thousands and thousands of people milling about in the centre of the City today, or outside the station even saw it! (Ok, most probably wouldn't have cared even if they had, I expect).
A beautiful Falcon, the fastest bird in the world, right above their heads, in full view, all day, and un-noticed!
I've just said to Anna, I may take the telescope up to the Station tomorrow, and if I get the Station Masters permission (or maybe even if I don't), charge the commuters 50p a pop to look at the Falcon through my telescope. I'll make a bloody fortune! But its not very RSPB is it?
Aw well...

Can YOU see it?
Admittedly its absolutely TINY in this wide-angled view, but if you click the photo to enlarge it, you should be able to make it out as a very blurred, pale, bird-shaped, pixellated smudge. (The real-life view was much much clearer by the way).
Wonderful to see, I hope it sticks around, and this proves beyond question I think, that the Peregrine stooping our 'rec' a few weeks ago, was most certainly just that. A Peregrine Falcon in central Reading...!

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