Sunday, July 15, 2007


The insect life in the garden has gone mental, I said mental, in this clammy weather.

I've been in the garden snapping 3 species of Ladybirds (the mating 2-spots I've added to the old 2-spot ladybird post), an unidentified micromoth and this smokey black Sawfly species.

It looks like the Solomon's Seal Sawfly, but as we have no Solomon's Seal plants in the lower paddock, I somehow doubt it is.
However, if it IS, I've seen a Solomon's Seal Sawfly on Saint Swithun's day (Sunday). Superb!
(It is St.Swithuns day today (15th July, every year), so if you were hoping for an Indian summer this year... forget it)!

I'll pop it on the WAB website and see if someone called Blundle can identify it...

I've also been trying (and failing) to take a photo of a fantastic Ichneumon fly- black with bright orange legs.
We've seen it before in the garden, but it just will not stay still for more than half a second!
I'll keep trying...

NB. 21/09/07 After much discussion on the WAB site regarding the Turnip Sawfly larvae which I correctly identified, I've done a little reseach into the adult sawfly in this post also.

It may be the Birch Sawfly I think, although Solomon's Seal is still an outside possibility.

Whichever it was (I favour Birch), it didn't stay long and I haven't seen it since. It shouldn't have been in the lower paddock anyway!!!

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