Sunday, July 08, 2007


After a photo of a wonderful motorcycle, now one of a wonderful car, seen in the car park of Wycombe Air Park. In actual fact (I don't suppose this sort of thing is that uncommon, knowing how expensive it is to fly), the car park had quite a few classic cars parked up amongst the Mondeos etc... there was a huge (new) Ferrari and a Classic T-Bird also, but neither of those compares to Cobra.

This is the AC Cobra, from the early '60s, decked out in its racing colours.
I think that is quite important.
Bugattis should be blue. British racing cars should be British Racing Green. Mercedes racing cars should be silver. Ford GT40s should be decked out in the old Gulf Logo colours - powder blue with the orange stripe. Ferraris should be red. (In actual fact, thats not right. The Ferrari road colour is red, but the 'Prancing Horse's racing colour was originally, and always yellow. Not any more it would seem).

I think it was in either '63 or '64 that the American Carroll Shelby donated his big V8 sportscar engine to the AC Ace Roadster, transforming it into the hairy-chested Cobra you'll see at Classic Car shows around the UK.

Legend also hs it that when demonstrating these new Cobras in the mid-'60s, Shelby used to tape a $100 note to the dashboard of the car, and whichever passenger he was demonstrating the car to had to try and grab it (whereby he could keep it). Few managed it!

This is allegedly a real 'drivers car' - a real hairy-arsed beast. I've always liked the looks of it, it's up with the Jaguar D Type in my book, in terms of raw, unadulterated beauty. (Yes, yes, I am well aware that almost everyone prefers the Classic E Type for aesthetic qualities normally (including my father))!

Like my photo of the Triumph Bonneville, Car and Motorcycle photos will have to work hard to appear on "Blue-Grey", as generally I think anything in the natural world is more beautiful and / or interesting (to me, anyway), than an internal combustion engine cloaked in painted metal.

But. The AC Cobra certainly warrants its place here.
Jeremy Clarkson would probably describe it (in his fast-becoming annoying way) thus...
"This car doesn't stroll into an Indian and quietly order a Korma. It orders a FAHL."

A beautiful car and right in your face.
I took a few photos of it, (including a negative, as the cloud effect is quite amazing).

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