Thursday, July 05, 2007


One month ago, (to the day!) I had the pleasure of seeing one of these spectacular little insects in the garden. It didn't stay long, so I had no time to grab a phone and snap it. I promised I would in the future though!

Today, finally I managed it. Not easy though - its blowing a gale outside and this tiny metallic blue and ruby insect does not sit still at all!

I think at the moment, that alongside the Scarlet Tiger Moths, this Jewel Wasp (very aptly named) (or Cuckoo Wasp), is the most spectacular insect that has visited the garden so far this year. That said, the Scarlet Tiger Moth's extravagance was "in your face". One has to look hard for this tiny wasp, and then look even harder to fully appreciate its absolutely spectacular colouration.

Basic facts on this Jewel Wasp (and 2 more photos to replace the one I'd "borrowed" from a German website) can be found at the first Jewel Wasp post.

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