Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Whilst I'm on the subject of all things London, a note about "The Gherkin", (photo not mine).

Like most contemporary designs / artwork, this is loved and hated in equal measures it would seem.
My sister and I were discussing it, from a pub on the South Bank. She loves it, and I absolutely agree. Its fantastic!

It was designed by Foster and partners (who also put up "The Millenium Bridge", well, they can't win every time I suppose), and completed in 2004. I think it was sold early this year for £600m, but its main tenants are still "Swiss Re".

I wish more buildings in our cities were like this - contemporary design at its very, very best.
I also like the way the droll British public have nicknamed, what is formally "30 St.Mary's Axe", and informally "The Swiss Re Tower", after something so humble.
"The Gherkin".

Good stuff.

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