Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Well, I've shown you what the 14-spot larva looks like (our friend), so now for the evil alien invader the Harlequin ladybird larva (booo hiss).

Larger, spikier and with flashes of orange on black. Thats the Harlequin larva, photographed in the garden this morning.


Shell said...

hi - I stumbled upon this pic of yours while searching for the very same black and orange garden insect... which was proving pretty fruitless until this so thanks! now I know what these fellas all over the place are!


Anonymous said...

This is NOT a harlequin larva! It's a lady bug larva. Don't destroy them in your garden; feed them lots of aphids and keep them hanging around. When I first saw them years ago, I was sure they were some dastardly pest. Not so!

The Black Rabbit said...

You stupid daft yank.
I assume you are a yank as you use the term "Lady bug", not lady bird.

This (SIGH) IS a ladybird larva as you said - but it most certainly is a HARLEQUIN LADYBIRD LARVA.

I would have thought any yank would know about these HARLEQUIN LADYBIRDS, but obviously not.

Before commenting on a zoologist's website, get up off your fat american backside and read some books, something I'm well aware your countrymen have a problem with, but I trust you can at least read.

Now then, to anyone else (NOT as daft as the last twot) - these ladybird larva (Harlequin ladybird larva) DO eat aphids (of course) AND every single native ladybird (and larva of) that you have.

In America, the land of the intelligentia quite clearly, they are known as the multi-coloured Asian ladybirds, but, and here's the thing - that is exactly the same species of ladybird (lady bug) as the Harlequin ladybird, which has caused so much devastation not only in yanksville alabama, but now also on this side of the pond.

The Harlequin beetle is something else entirely of course, but I'll not bore those of you that DO know about these things any more.

Back to you yankee-doodle dandy.
Like I said - get off your twinky-stuffed jacksie, and save your breath - you'll need to blow up your girlfriend later....