Sunday, July 08, 2007


The landing bay for Anna's Skyhawk. Number Twenty Six. (A spooky number for us - always has been. Anna was born on the 26th (of December); we had our first date on the 2nd of June (2/6) and my lucky number since I can remember anything, has always been 26).
We felt this landing bay therefore was very apt indeed - and we had absolutely no control over it!

Anna taxiing towards "26" at the end of her flight.
Click either photo to enlarge, and do note just how much the propellor of this plane is bending whilst rotating at high speed - amazing eh?!


electrichalibut said...

Strictly speaking I think that's an optical effect caused by your camera, i.e. the blades aren't really bending. If they were, the top and bottom bits would be pointing in opposite directions, not the same direction as they are here. And they would snap off and kill everyone on board shortly after as well.

I think (stop me if I'm boring you) that this might be a peculiarity of digital cameras, which "fill in" the image line-by-line top-to-bottom like a TV, i.e. you wouldn't get it with a film camera which just splats the image onto the film in one go. I could be wrong though.

Yours sincerely

P Dantic

The Black Rabbit said...

Ah I see.
Said the blind man?!
It does look like its bending though eh?
Ta for the info, glasshopper.