Monday, January 14, 2008


I'll be quick with this one, as I know how you all lurrrve spiders!

Photographed this beauty on the side of the office last night.

This is Larinioides sclopetarius, more commonly known as the "Bridge Spider" because of its preferred habitat of metal structures close to water.

Walk along a river or canal with railings - THIS is the spider that will be building its orb webs between those railings, or on the bridges, or even around the lamposts nearby- they seem to LOVE lamposts - not surprising really, as when the sun goes down, these nocturnal spiders come out, and with a web under a street light (near water remember), they are pretty well guuaranteed a feast most nights eh?

It has been recently noticed that this spider is getting rather fond of Greenhouses too, especially near ponds, be they in back gardens, or garden centres.

This seems to me to be a very sensible species of spider.

In case you weren't sure my office (at present) sits on the top floor, overlooking the river Thames - and in the summer, the floor-ceiling windows (on the outside at least) are CRAWLING with these Bridge Spiders.

Click HERE to revisit my first post on this species of spider, in May of last year.

I'm not overly impressed with the photo. It will magically change when I capture a better one...

18/01/08 - a different angle of my Female Bridge Spider, showing her eyes a little better, and one of her cheliceral fangs, through which she'll inject paralysing venom into her prey.

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