Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Whilst on my wander at lunchtime today, I chanced across this.

An old tree stump?

Look closer.

I like things like this.

Its just a large piece of tree that came down in high winds, a few years ago (I've since read), on View Island in the Thames (near my office, and near that sad Grebe nest), that has been carved into a Troll.

There's a duck carving on the island also - but thats not nearly as interesting.

All woods should have a troll like this I think!


The Black Rabbit said...

Before anyone else says it:

The troll carving was modelled on me.

Jane said...

Oooo you are handsome! Kidding aside, I love this. I agree. Every wood should have one. We have a wood carving by our river (Stour) of an otter. Trouble is it looks more like a labrador with a fish in its mouth... I guess the thought was there. Jane

Mike @ Fenphotography said...

Hi there, just checking out your blog, got the link off Janes site.

You have some great insect photo's something I am hoping to get into in the summer when more are about, I have the macro lenses at the ready.

Like the wood carving, keep em comin.


The Black Rabbit said...

Cheers Mike.
Just visited YOUR website, and been marvelling at YOUR photographs! (They put my "efforts" to shame, and rightly so!)
I do have a spotting scope but have never really got into digiscoping. I don't think my bridge camera connects to my scope, even with an adaptor ring anyhoo!
Your images are very sharp though - wonderful stuff there.

Re: Blue-Grey, I'm glad you liked the insect photographs.
All - up until December 2007 - were taken with my phone, but after buying a second hand bridge camera from a mate, and a clip-on raynox dcr 150 lens from the USA, I'm finding the macro stuff not only enjoyable but fascinating.
Unfortunately I bought the lens at the wrong time of last year - December! Not much in the way of subjects about - so like you I am eagerly awaiting the spring, not only for the boom in bug life, but for the light it gives me, so I don't have to rely on the onboard flash (very harsh - even with a diffuser) to take my close-up shots...

If I may, I'll add your site to my links section, so I can visit more often, and gawp at your bird photographs!

Thanks again.