Friday, January 11, 2008


Regular visitors to BG might have noticed a difference on the site recently.
I am over the moon that I have been able to start recording film of Blue Tits inside our recently purchased new nestbox. We sincerely hope come March, our prospecting parents, start nesting...

This footage has really only come about to a very small company called Handykam(.com).
Based in Cornwall, its a family business, where all the boxes are carefully handmade.
Handykam has no grand plans as far as I can tell, to monopolise the market - and the market is certainly growing and growing, thanks to such television programmes as SpringWatch.
It just seems to me, that the company and its owners ("M" & "L") are just simply wildlife enthusiasts who take immense pleasure in helping others enjoy the same sort of thing.

The boxes that HandyKam produce are of top quality (I guarantee you that), the prices they charge for a COMPLETE setup, (even down to masonry drill bits which are included in the box charge), are quite simply the cheapest, and BY FAR the best value in the UK today. Over £100 cheaper than other similar (less fully comprehensive) set-ups.

Well, thats all very well huh?
Thats not why I'm writing about Handykam, and am now advertising for them on BG.
I'm doing this because as far as I'm concerned, top notch customer service is almost dead and buried it seems these days, especially in Britain. It is a joy when one gets treated as important (not just told you are on a telephone message) by a service provider.
This is where HandyKam and "M" & "L" really excel.
I have spoken to both owners (although, I'm sure there is also a team behind the scenes) at length now, a few times, regarding queries before I bought the box, and a few times after purchase also.
Both owners are all too happy (or seem to be!) to discuss queries and concerns, and it really is a pleasure to talk with them.
It hasn't gone un-noticed as far as I'm concerned. I really appreciate things like that.

All my footage is shot with a basic HandyKam set up (the green, Pine box, with the colour camera and a 20m lead). You can if you feel its necessary, buy a Cedar box (maybe a bit more des res) and extend your cable length to up to 50m if required.
The software that comes with the camera is easy to set up and fully adjustable, so that brightness, contrast, and colour can all be altered - giving you superior image quality over much more expensive setups.
Saving and sharing footage is pretty easy too.
I would suggest setting up a basic Youtube account (as "M" suggested also), if only for a backup of footage.
I have now got my own Youtube channel which can be found HERE or at the top left of the home page of BG, or under MY YOUTUBE, in the link sections of this blog.

If you would like to visit HandyKam's site, please click on any of the advertising banners on this blog - If you are after a nestbox camera setup, at the risk of starting to sound like Victor Kyam, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Seriously.

Thanks HandyKam.
All success for the future.

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Nicola Ryan said...

I too have a Nest box camera kit from I agree black rabbit, it is worth every penny. Also, I would like to echo that Handykam are very helpful and gave so much advice....Thanks BR for a good blog.