Sunday, January 27, 2008


Plenty of goings-on in and around the garden this morning. Three Goldfinches on the feeder (see photo above), a rat taking my bait (I missed recording this on video by a few seconds - but I will get it eventually!), the second bumblebee queen I've seen this year (saw my first yesterday), and a nice female Kestrel flying over the rec behind the house.

As I won't be able to record any shenanigans in the nestbox for over a week now (my work shifts will keep me in the office during the busy "nestbox times"), I thought I'd try to record a nice long clip this morning.

Brittany and her potential mate both obliged of course. The clip below should be viewable even if your office forbids the dreaded youtube, but I've uploaded the clip onto my youtube channel anyway (larger window than the blogger video). As usual this can be accessed by clicking on the "my youtube channel" link in the links section of BG.

You'll be able to tell the difference between Brittany and her partner I'm sure by now, and once again, I managed to record her hissing a dismissal at her mate when they are both in the box together.

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