Saturday, January 19, 2008


Fence-post jumpers above.

Fence-post woodpeckers below...

After 8 weeks or so, our "woodpecker-attracting fence-post" has finally come good!
No pictures (YET) I'm afraid, but about 30 minutes ago, Anna and I were treated to the brief sight of a Male Great Spotted Woopecker, on our suety-nutty 8'post. BRILLIANT!
The female was in the Lime tree at the same time also.

The only reason I didn't get a photo, was because within about 30 seconds after he hopped along the gate, checked out the band of red paint (to attract them) and got on the feeder proper, along came one of the 6 or so (thats all) daily cars along the service road, t'other side of the fence. Talk about bad timing!

Actually, I did get a shot, but it is so bad - I'll not post it unless I have to (ie they never return - and I cannot see that happening).

So - eight weeks of NOTHING - then two at once, and over so soon, because of one dozy car.

I will top up the post with suet and nuts and remain vigilant, with camera poised....
They'll be back. I promise...!

As for the Fence-post jumpers.
Well, you know what those are.
I had a little exploration of my old green t-shirt which was left on the ground by the back wall of the house over the autumn and winter.
Lovely to find (at least) 3 Fence-Post jumper "lairs", and I took the opportunity to snap a few photographs of my favourite spiders...
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Jane said...

Well done with your woodpeckers! It's RSPB birdwatch weekend, maybe you should include them!

Your spiders look like furry long-legged teddy bears (sorry that's so girlie!). Is the white stuff in pictures 3 and 4 their lair? The woolly jumper looks really wet... I thought they'd go for dark dry places?

They must also be very small, as I notice your macro hasn't kept all their body in focus. I guess your depth of field is pretty small. Roll on sunny days and deep depths of field!

The Black Rabbit said...

The white silk is the lair Jane, yes, you're right.
I know what you mean about the wet shirt - I was expecting just to find woodlice.
As for the depth of field- VERY limited with my lens - a mm or so at most. Makes focusing on anything pretty hard - so I'm relatively pleased with these...