Saturday, January 26, 2008


Female below, male above

Whilst uploading the Goldfinch video below, I noticed both Blue Tits explore the nestbox again, but unfortunately I was in no position to record inside the box, and download the video I was downloading.

The light was still poor, so you'll have to excuse the poor quality photograph I DID manage to get - this time of the very ragged looking female (Dodgy bird).

I've popped the photo of the female above (along with my old shot of the male) for comparison.

Anna thinks we should call the female "Brittany" this year, (on account of her raggedness).

I think that is a fine idea!
NB. later. I did manage to record ten seconds of footage from the nestbox this morning, just before we left the house. The male seems preoccupied with removing the wood-shavings from the box - all expected behaviour. This footage can be seen in the latest section at the top of BG, or on my youtube home page (see links)

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urbanextension said...

Sorry I haven't been able to comment much lately. I'd forgotten how SLOOOOOOOOW dial-up was! Wish I could watch your videos... but that's just impossible at the moment. I think Brittany is a great name for your "scruffy" bluetit. The US TV is full of Brit being taken to hospital "again"... hope your bird fairs a bit better and turns out to be a good mum! Great pics and your hide in the garden seemed to work well. Jane