Saturday, January 26, 2008


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I thought I'd sit in my new "hide" in the garden this morning, as the sun came up, and see if I could get anything on video, using my stills-camera set to video mode...
I'm pleased to say the Goldfinches (and female Blue Tit) obliged and you can see one of the short videos below, (about 15 seconds long).

The Goldfinch used to be known as King Harold's bird because of the blood-red feathers around their eyes...

(NB. The female Blue Tit is the bright blue and yellow flash at the top of the screen, with about 1 second to go. I did record some footage of the female Blue Tit on the feeder with one of the finches, but I prefer the video I've uploaded).

This video can also now be found on my youtube channel, available to visit by clicking on "My Youtube Channel" on the links section of BG (LHS of page).
I should apologise at this point for the "noise" in the photograph above (the grainy-ness) as I had to switch the camera to a higher speed film equivalent (200 ISO instead of my normal 80 ISO) as the light was so poor - it was dawn after all! This also explains the apparent darkness of the video below. I'm still chuffed to bits though!

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