Monday, January 07, 2008


After Anna and I returned from our walk on the Ridgeway yesterday, we noticed the peanut feeder had been wrenched from its two supportng wires and laid on the gate post.
Closer inspection revealed it to be nibbled. By our "Squirl" of course. Bloomin FEEF.
I replaced it (the wires were still intact this morning) and today I managed to capture our feef on camera...


urbanextension said...

Little devil! I would suggest getting yourself a metal or rigid plastic feeder for both your fat balls and nuts/seeds. The mesh bags are generally thought to be a bit dangerous, see warning here

Plus they can be destroyed overnight by a hungry squirl. Have you tried sunflower hearts? the birds absolutely love em...

The Black Rabbit said...

Ah Jane.
You're catching me blogging again.
Our only stout feeder has a mix of Sunflower Hearts and Niger Seeds in it.
And you are right - the birds do love it - including Goldfinches and even Bullfinches (which was a shock to me).

I'm just about to post a picture on two of our Goldfinches....

The Black Rabbit said...

As for the RSPB advice on mesh, I've taken note. I'm sure the experts know exactly what they're talking about in the case of mesh.
Its just as well ALL our avian visitors seem to completely ignore the food in mesh.
I do tire somewhat though, of "experts" telling us we can't scatter larger bits of food around, (like unsalted peanuts especially), in case the birds choke on them. Absolute nonsense in that case I'm afraid.
What next? Cutting up the apples on the lawn, in case one gets stuck in a blackbirds throat?!
Regarding the mesh though - even though I've never seen any bird caught in a mesh feeder, I'll take the RSPB experts advice in that case, and remove it!
As I've said - the birds won't care, though the Squirl might!