Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Its been bloomin hard, trying to capture any VERY BRIEF Blue Tit(s) in the box, since putting it up.
They may visit a few times a day, to stake their claim for the box come March time, but each visit only lasts a few seconds, and I haven't got the software to automatically record any movement - that was not the point of fitting a camera to the box.

Anyway, I was lucky to get the "tail-end" (hur hur.... oh do stop it) of this inspection. The male I think, poking his head through the opening (unseen at the top of the image), turning around, scratching the box a little, and flying off.
I do know the Tit(s) are actually entering the box from time to time) as can be seen by looking at the wood-shavings pattern on a daily basis, but not this time it would seem.

You might well be thinking at this point, why not tilt the camera a little, to show the opening of the box, and any birds head peeping through. Well, I've set this (very cheap system) up to mainly concentrate on the rear of the box, as if any nest is built in the spring - the rear of the box will almost certainly be where its built.
I'd rather get the camera in position now (which I think I've done) and leave it in position.
That was the whole point after all, of getting a camera, and setting it up early...

So.... all I caught on video (in a blind panic) this time, was the male's tail for 7 seconds...
Still... it proves it works... and I'll get videos of the whole bird(s) soon enough!

NB. Should point out at this point, that a minute or so after I recorded and edited this clip, the daylight in the garden became sufficient for the infra red sensors to switch to a colour image, rather than this bluey/green infra red you'll see on the clip.
Ah well.
I'm just chuffed to have caught anything on tape.
Even the tail-end (for now)!

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