Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I remember describing to my eldest sister along time ago, how I'd been hearing strange (avian) noises in the night, whist I was walking between my house and my various baking jobs.
A sort of high pitched call, descending in pitch slightly towards the end. Coming from "everywhere and nowhere" in the dead of night.

Well, since then, I have learned this mainly happens in autumn and winter in the UK, and it is the call of the winter thrushes, Redwing in particular, that migrate here from Scandanavia, to spend the winter on our shores.
They usually arrive in the dead of night, and give their call to keep in contact with each other.

Hot news off the press is that people are hearing the Redwing (and Fieldfare, (the other Winter Thrush)) NOW. The earliest arrivals are hitting our shores now - and what with all the berries around (especially the holly berries which have had a fantastic year so far), these early birds are going to have a field-day!

Listen out for the call, in the dead of night, (at top of lampost height).
You'll not see them 'til the morning. But you may well hear them...

As soon as I hear and or see them, I'll let "Blue-Grey" readers know. Of course.

NB. 4/10/07 I heard a few Redwing late last night, above our garden, heading south I think.


Anonymous said...

there is a flock of ducks in the tree! oh no, they are redwings. Ahem.

The Black Rabbit said...

Is that a HUNT?!

Er no. Its a group of cows.


nicola said...

Pippa, do you remember recently I think in Paris, you did another one of these classics, but I'm racking my brains to remember what it was. We were walking along, and I said to you that what you had said was on the same level as the redwings and the hunt. Can you remember? DON'T SAY YOU CAN'T, so that we can't have a good ol' laugh about it.. WE AWAIT YOUR REPLY (cos you is the fave ritt)..

Anonymous said...

Doog and Nic, for the life of me I cannot remember what I said in Paris that was so dumb. I'm racking my brains and cannot. Maybe I didn't say nuffink stoopid and you are just trying to make me look dumb. You is rood.

The Black Rabbit said...

Wasnae me who asked the question!