Saturday, October 06, 2007


Just before I set off for work tonight (I'm on another week of nights.... hey ho), I saw something I've never seen before in the clear, black, starry night sky.

I saw a strange 'V'-shaped set of orange lights in amongst the stars, obviously very high, and moving quite slowly west to east. There were maybe a dozen of the tiny orange dots and they were making no discernible sound....



A flock of Swans or Geese (with pale bellys) flying in "V formation", high in the night sky, and probably returning to their winter feeding grounds in the UK.
They looked orange in colour due to the light pollution from the built-up area of the country (Reading etc) they were passing over, reflecting off their white or pale bellys. They must have been a half a mile up in the sky - that's how much light pollution there is in this part of the country.

I'm pretty sure sights like this are sometimes reported as UFOs - my heart certainly skipped a beat when I first caught sight of the strange thing in the night sky...

Strictly speaking I suppose, this sight tonight was not A UFO, but about A DOZEN UFOs. I know they were Geese or Swans, but I haven't really identified them, so I guess they are still "Unidentified Flying Objects", so to speak...

A nice sight to see though.

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