Saturday, October 06, 2007


I told you I'd get a photo of this Hedgehog eventually.

Well, its taken me a few weeks, and a lot of luck (I only popped outside the office tonight as I saw the security light go on, and decided to do a quick recce mission).

I didn't manage to get a great photo though, as even though the fat little niblet is almost 10" long I guess, it decided to take a little cover, and I was effectively shooting blind, in the pitch black, guided only by its rustling and snuffling noises...

So. That is the Hedgehog that lives in the little square of bushes in the middle of the office courtyard! I'll try and get another photo of it as and when, but until then, I'll leave you with some Hedgehog facts.

- Hedgehogs have approximately 6000 spines (modified hairs, brown at base, white tips).
- They have two litters of HOGLETS a year, each litter 4-5 strong.
- The hedgehogs winter nest is called a HIBERNACULUM.
- Their legs, when extended, are 4" long and can propel the little critters at a top speed of approximately 6mph for short distances.
- Hedgehogs DO have little 3/4" tails.

NB. Before you ask. I didn't attempt to sex this hedgehog...!

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