Friday, October 05, 2007


ANOTHER Harlequin-related post?!


I told you I'd get a photie of another common type of Harlequin Ladybird.

The most common type is the (multi-spotted, orange) Succinea "model", of which I think ALL my photos of Harlequins are so far. The second seems to be the Spectabilis "model", black with at least 4 red marks - a bit like the quadripustulata form of the (normally red) 2 spot Ladybird, although a lot bigger.

I found what I refer to as the "Bullseye" Harlequin, the Jim Bowen of Harlequins (although admittedly better-looking than Jim), in the lower paddock this evening, munching on some MORE Noctuid Moth eggs by the look of it.

So, I took its snapshot and flicked it over the fence, good-looking or not.

I'll contact the good Ladybird people on the WAB site to find out the ACTUAL name of this colour variation of Harlequin (I know its not succinea or spectabilis), and find out whether or not they do actually like eating moth eggs.

(later. Yes they DO eat moth and butterfly eggs - so much so, that in North America this is proving a real problem for rare butterflies).

This post may change slightly when I procure that information...

NB. Whilst I was lying alongside the paddock, photographing the ladybird, one of our (now adult) Blue Tits visited the feeder a few feet away from me. Slightly alarmed it didn't hang around, but nice to know, and I'm sure it'll be back...

NB. (later)
OK. The actual name for the Jim Bowen Bullseye Harlequin is the CONSPICUA form.
There you go.

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