Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think these striking ducks and fantastic. Anas penelope to give them their scientific name, (Penelope's (wife of Odysseus?) duck? I still can't work that one out).

Also known as Whistling ducks because of their constant calling to each other.

We found quite a few Wigeon (look for the chesnut head and gold stripe running down it in the Drakes, and the very bold white wing bars (especially when flying) in both sexes) on the salt marsh lagoons south west of Lymington.

Wigeon, like the Brent Goose above, tend to breed in Arctic Russia in the main, and overwinter in the UK.

A really nice find - I haven't seen this bird for an awful long time.

I hear they taste very nice too.

Unfortunately our local farmers market doesn't sell Wigeon. Picked up a wild Mallard t'other day, which we'll eat soon I know, but no Wigeon.

Aw well.

Both photographs (c)Arthur Grosset. See link. Thanks Arthur.

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