Saturday, March 29, 2008


Just a quick update on a few things.
No time for a very long post as we're away to Shrewsbury this weekend, for a "Wedding Summit" with both sets of parents....

We seem, recently, to be in a pretty weird pattern of weather - quite April-like in its ferocity of showers interspersed with (almost) warm sunshine, and very blustery also.
This has brought on the bug life in the garden pretty well. (I hear the north of the UK, from a pal, is not so far advanced at present).

In the sun, in the garden, I have counted AT LEAST twenty Zebra Spiders, (though not one Garden Cross Spider yet), many Andrenid mining bees, (and a Tawny Mining Bee - which I haven't got a photie of yet, but I'll keep trying!), all types of fly, a Seven Spot Ladybird (VERY nice to see - makes a change from all those bleedin' Harlequins), Pine Ladybirds, Hoverflies (still rare as yet), Soldier flies (ditto), Honey Bees, Bumblebees and even the first (Queen) Wasp of the year!

I hear from Jane over at Urban Extension that the bats are out, though as yet, I haven't seen any, and people are seeing Butterflies all over the shop (though, once again, I've seen none apart from that one Cabbage White a week or so ago - must be something to do with the fact that at present I have no flowers to speak of in or tiny garden...)

All the photographs above were taken by me in the last 4 days, and ALL can be found in my online photo album, at full size, complete with notes, by clicking HERE.

Thats it for now I'm afraid....
Got to bugger off to sodden Shrewsbury (where I know some Mad March Hares are, though I won't be seing them this time I fear).

Have fun in the wind and rain this weekend, grapple fans...


Jane said...

Doug. You know, having read your blog for quite a while now I'm really beginning to love bugs. Never thought I'd say that! It's mainly down to your macro pictures. I'd never realised how beautiful they were. Little miniature masterpieces. Good luck in Shrewsbury for the "summit". I'm so glad we got married quietly... not sure our parents agree (my mum is still trying to buy me a wedding present 5 months later!), but hey it's our life! Jane

electrichalibut said...

Re. image #1: frankly I can live without photographs of your crabs, thanks very much.

The Black Rabbit said...

Ello Jane.
Glad to be of some use!
(And the Wedding summit was fine!)

Ello pal.
Thanks for your comment!