Monday, March 17, 2008


MATING HARLEQUINS (1), originally uploaded by THE BLACK RABBIT.

We've had a bleedin' abysmal day or two - weatherwise (not to mention the rugby).
That said, the wind and rain didn't stop these two (Succinea) Harlequin Ladybirds indulging in a bit of what comes naturally in the office courtyard yesterday.

I also managed to spot a "Conspicua" Harlequin (black with red bullseyes) sheltering from the rain also - but failed to get a decent photo.
Click on the photo above to view the full size Harlequin ladybirds photo in the "New Warren".


Jane said...

Great pictures. Very sharp and bright. I could never do this... don't have the patience. We had a new "visitor" to our garden last night. Very exciting!

I see Reading are getting a Mosque, that the ice hockey team are doing well and that Reading fc lost at Liverpool... oh and the Wasps (enough said). All the news seemed to be bleedin Reading! Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

I tend to ignore the local news Jane!!! (WAY too provincial for me!)

I'll pop over to UE now and see this "new visitor"....

Jane said...

Andrew always laughs at me because I watch the "local" news. He says I like anything as long as it's "local". Local animals, local news, local food... So I guess I am a fully blown "provincial" girl!