Monday, March 03, 2008


1) Female Greenfinch.

2) Male Greenfinch

3) Robin - your guess is as good as mine (male or female)?
All photographs taken this morning.


Jane said...

Hi. Great pictures. I've been mega busy this last week. Trying to sort out a local wildlife survey in our village (more info soon). I've been setting up the website all week. Hours of work, but getting there.

Thought you might like a couple of links that I've found recently of good (well I think they are) nature blogs: and

Hope you like them! Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

Thanks for the links Jane !
Wondered where you'd got to - I've been checking UE all week!

Should point out that WORDS has been linked to BG for some time - and indeed won the "shot of the year" title on BG at the back end of 2007!

I'll check out t'other link though when I get a min!
Cheers again!

Jane said...

Whoops! I probably got the Words link from you then! Good blog though. The other one is set in Kenya. It's not all cheetah and lions.... just everyday life (like squirrels in their tractor), but every now and again an elephant wanders through their garden. Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

Just had a look at it Jane!
Its very good indeed!
Thanks again!
My mother was born and raised in Kenya (during the Colonial bit, you know), and I'm going to send the link to her also - she'd go head over heels for it)!

Jane said...

Glad you liked it. I love Africa. Spent time in Zimbabwe on Lake Karuba with friends who had a safari boat business. They aren't there now... and Zim has been ruined and the people are starving. Really sad. I hope Kenya doesn't go the same way. Jane

Jane said...

Make that Lake Kariba.... Karuba's in Tanzania! Whoops - it was a long time ago. Jane

Jane said...

Make that Tunisia. Maybe I should call it a day! Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

I reckon it was just SLOUGH, and you've dressed it up in your memory to avoid the pain!!!
Heh heh!