Thursday, March 06, 2008


As I snapped the first "wild" flowers to appear in our back garden this year (the red dead nettle flowers), I thought I'd snap this bunch too - the second species to flower in our BACK garden.
The above photo I've just taken - and shows a tiny plant of Common Lungwort, growing in the lawn, near the "Polish fence".

It's very easy to recognise, with pink buds (blooming to purple or mauve little bell-shaped flowers), but its the leaves that this plant is named after.
Common Lungwort has spotted oval-shaped leaves (see second photo above), which are supposed to look like lungs.

In olden days, (ddd-ddddurrrring da warr, as Uncle Albert might say), concoctions brewed up from these leaves were meant to help with chest infections and problems with one's lungs...

Anyhoo. Common Lungwort, is as the name suggests, a very common plant (although less so in urban gardens like ours), flowers between MArch and May, and allegedly likes damp, alkali hedgebanks....

NB. Most of that information above is paraphrased from my NEW (and first EVER) Wildflower identification field guide, which I bought from good-ol Waterstones in town this afternoon...


Jane said...

Haven't seen the lungwort, but have seen plenty of dandelion and celandine (my logo!).

Wondered what's happening in your nestbox cam? Any real signs of nesting? Our blackbirds are nesting already, and there are blue tits in and out of our box (but I don't have a cam in it...maybe next year).

Hope you are having a great weekend.


The Black Rabbit said...

I'm afraid there's nowt to report regarding the nest box Jane!
I'm getting concerned its NOT going to be used.
A month ago, both birds would visit on a daily basis - now they don't seem that interested?
We're crossing our fingers and toes here...!

Hope your weekend is going well also! (Mine can't get much better after the Calcutta Cup result yesterday! WOO HOO!)

Jane said...

Went on a tree surveying day yesterday...(sounds dull, was dull!) and then went to Kimmeridge (on the coast) for a long walk today looking for hares (only saw one, but it was worth it). Believe it or not.. it was my first hare. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend! Jane