Thursday, March 06, 2008


I finished another week of nights the night before last, and yesterday thought I'd disappear on another of my epic treks into the Amazon, cough, walks up the Thames, in search of new spring flowers, immediately after finishing work at 7am.

Well, it was a glorious day - you know, one of those spring days that starts with a crisp frost and chill in the air, and ends up pretty damn warm - certainly too warm for 2 jerseys, a fleece and my hat!

The insects were very slow to get going after the frost, but the bird life was in full spring breeding mode - Rooks noisily building their nests and Grebes constantly shouting for each other - just two examples. You might be able to see from the "Rook's nest" photo above that this year, I think the Rooks are building their nests "low in the boughs". Not great news if you believe that country folklore!

I thoroughly enoyed escaping for five hours and seeing what I could see - I found an awful lot of things to photograph, and am learning so much, especially about flowers and blossoms - subjects which I really don't know that much about.

The photographs above are a taster of the FULL SIZE images I took yesterday and uploaded onto my "New Warren" Flickr account. (My online photo album, if you like).

I've uploaded pictures of a diving white duck (mid dive), a few very close up shots of new Daisies, Buttercups and Dandelions, a very disgruntled pheasant and much more.

Please feel free to click HERE to immediately be transported to my online photo album, or click on the permanent "New Warren" link at the top of "Blue-Grey".

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