Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Use your eyes". The Motto of "Blue-Grey".

Anna and I have a bit of a reputation for finding £20 notes on the pavement!
Today was no exception for me, and I am still kicking myself!

As I got off the train in Reading (back from my Theale trip), I walked quite fast up the platform towards the rotweillers and station exit, in a loose crowd of people, maybe 100 in total.
About 10 people ahead of me, and maybe 20 or 25 yards ahead, I saw what I thought looked like a wad of notes drop out of a bald man's wallet as he walked.
Nobody else seemed to notice - maybe ten people walked over what he dropped, literally right over it.
When I got to the object, I stooped down and picked up a bundle of £20 notes. I would say between 3 and 5, but I didn't flick through them to check - about £80 though.
Now there were people behind me who may have seen what had happened (though I doubt it), so I tussled with a quandry for a while. It felt like a while anyway.

Lets face it, theres only one thing that I should have done. So I did it. I ran after the bald man, tapped him on the back and told him he'd dropped this - showing him his bundle of purple notes.

He did thank me. I hope he was thankful. He better have been!

Lesson - use your eyes to spot the money lying around. (I've mastered that bit).
Do NOT use your eyes to spot who dropped the money! (Hmmmmmm....)

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