Friday, November 16, 2007

1000 UP, SORRY, 1000 OPP.

Congratulations must go to the 1000th documented individual visitor to "Blue-Grey" since 14th September 2007.
My stat-counter (foot of the home page of the blog) has revealed to me that...
someone was searching for "Horned Beetles" in Opp, Alabama, USA, yesterday, and popped into "Blue-Grey" whilst doing it.

The "city" of Opp, Alabama, in the darkest, deepest south of the USA, has a population of about 6,500, all crammed into half a dozen trailers. (I'm going to get in trouble here...)!
But seriously, there is an annual "Rattlesnake Rodeo" in Opp - which I assume is the high point of the long, hot year.

I'm not at all surprised someone there was searching for long-horned beetles.
"Say... Tammy Lee! Gitt yursel' atta that there trailer wommun!
Ah'd shore lak this lil crittur for ma suppurh, with sum of yur momma's gad-givern carrn? Hell yeah! Reeeeeal goood!".

Well, there you go. A real bona-fide "Hick" has just become the 1000th documented individual visitor to "Blue-Grey".

For any future residents of Opp that visit "Blue-Grey", I've embedded a favourite pop video below...
Click to play
(Now I really am in trouble)!

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